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Re: HSQLDB with DBunit and Subqueries

Fred Toussi-2
Set the Oracle syntax compatibility mode and use rownum instead of

Select * from (select rownum as rn, a.* from (select * from tablea) a)
where rn > 0 and rn<=5


On Thu, Sep 26, 2013, at 13:14, [hidden email] wrote:

> Hello Fred,
>           I am using dbunit to compare two tables and it works fine with
>           any type of queries. But to unit test it I have been trying to
>           use HSQLDB. But I am facing a problem with a query inolving sub
>           queries. I am currently using HSQLD v 2.3.0. The query for
>           example is:
> Select * from (select rownumber as rn, a.* from (select * from tablea) a)
> where rn > 0 and rn<=5;
> Regards,
> Manjul Bhattarai
> This query seems to work with dbunit and oracle but doesn't seem to work
> with dbunit and hsqldb.
> Error says " Did not find column 'COL3' for <schema.table>
> 'SYSTEM_SCHEMA.SYSTEM_SUBQUERY' in catalog 'PUBLIC' because names do not
> exactly match", COL3 is a column of tablea, similarly it did not find any
> columns of tablea along with RN.
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