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HSQLDB, next version and SupportWare

Fred Toussi-2
Version 2.3.4 was release only 6 months ago but in the meantime quite a
few bugs were reported and fixed. A number of new functions and
enhancements to existing ones have also been added

There will be a snapshot release from the current SVN head in the next
few days. A new version release will hopefully follow in the Jan-Feb

The development of HSQLDB is largely funded by SupportWare
subscriptions. We need more subscriptions to continue the development.

There is demand for enhancements to transaction management to allow
table creation and modifications while other transactions are active.
This is specially useful for app development and testing. This feature
alone needs more funding via subscriptions.

If you are using HSQLDB as a development tool or for deployment outside
open-source development, please join SupportWare
(http://hsqldb.org/web/supportware.html) or make donations via this
(http://hsqldb.org/web/openoffice.html) page.

You can follow @HyperSQL on Twitter. It will feature frequent tweets
when more people start to follow.

Fred Toussi
HSQLDB Project

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